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We have lived with Bernese Mountain dogs since 1990  and have competed and titled in Conformation, Obedience, Drafting, Rally, Agility,  and participated in Tracking,  Herding, Dock Diving, Scent work.


With our small breeding program, we strive to maintain and improve quality. Our goal is to place pups in suitable home environments where they will be regarded as companions and treated with kindness as part of everyday family activities. 

All of our current girls are from our own breeding and have been raised in our home from the day they were born. Many generations of  Champions and Versatility dogs are in their pedigree, and all our Breeding girls have earned or are pointed towards several titles, both  Championship as well as  Performance or  Working titles, before being bred to males of excellent quality and compatibility with our girls. Of course, the parents of our pups have at minimum completed health screening for Hips, Elbows, and Eyes and are clear of vWd and DM . 

All our dogs live with us in the house, we do not have outdoor kennels or runs, and the pups are born and raised underfoot in the kitchen and house and will be well socialized and be able to experience all aspects of life, from farm animals and other dogs, cats, a variety of people and kids, as well traffic in the city and travel by car and many fun outdoor activities. 

When placing pups, we do not go by first come first served, but rather look carefully to match the pup's temperament with the needs of the families on the PPPlist (Potential Puppy People list). Currently, our Application process is open. 

The Bernese Mountain Dog is originally from Switzerland and is part of a group of four Swiss Mountain dogs. The other three being Greater Swiss, Entlebucher, and Appenzeller. They are originally from the Canton (Province) of Bern and were used on the Swiss farms for duties such as guarding, herding, and pulling carts to market. 

Today all of these qualities are used through competitions in Drafting (pulling carts), Agility (obstacle courses), Obedience, Tracking, and Herding Tests.

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