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O u r   D o g   A n g e l s


We have had the great fortune of sharing our lives with these wonderful dogs, they were the inspiration for our breeding program as well as for our current activities with our younger generations.



Ch BC's Oh Chute at Doubledutch CD DD DDX BDD BDDX MAD MSDC MGDC
Versatility Dog Title (second generation) CGN CGC
Chute has also earned 9 Nadac Agility titles Chute (pronounced Chootee) was born in January 1998 a daughter of our Ch Thorgie of BC Bev's CD DDX DD CGN CGC ATCH Versatility and Ch Ursamajor Stellar Bandit CD DDX dual Versatility. She died unexpectedly and suddenly in her sleep in the early evening at the age of 12 years and 11 months on December 26, 2010. That afternoon she had been playing and rolling in the grass as per usual, she was in very good health, had a good appetite, and her tail was wagging with happiness and joy. We suspect a stroke, or internal bleeding ended her wonderful life on this earth. There was no pain, no suffering, no decisions to make. Early in 2010, I was hoping she would be around at Christmas, and she gave us that special gift. 

We will miss that special girl, who as a young pup would watch all the other pups go about their business, she would silently look at them, then at us, and pick us! She taught all our other dogs that running through puddles was just the most fun ever, bushwhacking is definitely a good thing, and rolling in the tall grass or snow is a great pastime that must be practiced every day! 

She loved Dave above all else, absolutely LOVED to go for car rides with him, and play in the agility tunnels with him, even at age 12 she would still run an agility tunnelers course and do all the tunnels at her bests speed! 

Goodbye Chootee Patootee, you lived your life well, till we meet again. 



Ch Doubledutch Born of Paschen CD DD DDX BDD BDDX ATCH
Bronze Award of Merit, Versatility Dog Title (second generation)

Paschen also has an additional 12 agility titles in AAC ( Agility Association of Canada) as well as 14 titles in Nadac agility.
Paschen was born in August 2000 as a daughter of our Ch Brelle of BC V Bev's CD DDX and Ch Ursa Major Stellar Bandit CD DDX. She passed away through a terrible ice accident on November 25 2010 at the age of 10 years and 4 months. Although we knew her time was coming to an end due to Lymphoma, this accident took my lovely Paschen away too soon. She was our fourth versatility dog and an excellent example of the all-around working Bernese, very willing to please and always ready to go and share in activities with us as well as a wonderful homebody to keep us warm during the colder days. 

Paschen had 3 litter of pups, May 2004 bred to Ch Zaltan v Meadowwoods (USA), January 2006 and October 2007 bred to Ch Hubba Bubba Into the Fire (USA). Seven of her pups have obtained their Canadian Championships, two are Versatility Dogs with Championships, Obedience and Draft titles. Two more pups are well on their way to their championships! 

Paschen took over the role of being my shadow and protector, after Thorgie passed away, and was my constant companion, wanting to spend every waking hour right beside me, at work and at play. I miss her so much that often I still see glimpses of her when I least expect it. She competed in agility competitively at the age of almost 10 years old, Qualifying in the Regional championships, eligible to compete at Nationals. A once in a lifetime girl, her spirit lives on in her offspring. Her daughter Ellie is following in her footsteps, claiming her spot right beside me. 


Ch Thorgie of BC Bev's CD DD DDX MGDC MSDC MTDC MJDC VATCH CGN CGC VOAC VOGC VOJC NDD DD , Versatility Title, Bronze Award of Merit 

Thorgie was born November 93 and came to us from Bev Burney in Barneveld, N.Y. Thorgie passed away at the age of 11 years and is dearly missed. She was our first Berner and mother of our Shiane and Chute. She was our first Versatility Dog and the first Canadian Berner to earn the Canadian D.D.X. (Draft Dog Excellent) title. She was also the first Bernese in Canada to get the ATChC and the first female Berner to qualify as a "Versatility Dog".

She was my shadow and the connection we had was one of love and understanding. Living and working with her in competition and every day life was always a pleasure, she could read my mind like no other.




Brelle was born in December 1994 and was a full sister to Thorgie. Brelle died at 10 and a half after complications from surgery. 

She obtained her ATChC title in Agility, the 3rd Berner in Canada to do so! (The 2nd Berner with this title is Brelle's daughter Flora.) Brelle was our second versatility dog and earned 29 titles over her lifetime in 4 dog sport disciplines: Confirmation, Obedience, Draft and Agility .

Thorgie and Brelle both were assistant camera dogs for a professionally produced agility video and they loved to "work". 

Brelle was Dave's heart and soul and constant companion; we miss her sweet presence deeply.



Pandemonium was our OESD. She earned her CD, DD, CGC, and various agility titles and used to be the "Star" at various agility demos. She died at the grand age of 15. 

She is the reason we are so involved in agility, the first time we saw an agility demo she literally dragged me onto the course to try it all out! It was so much fun that we never looked back! 

Thank you my Panda for your devotion to me and for sharing your joy for life with us.



Doubledutch Everlasting Shine DD DDX BDD DBBX

Shiane November 1 1996 - October 13 2007

Shiane was from our very first litter of pups, daughter out of Ch Thorgie BC v Bev's CD DD DDX CGC ATChC 

She enjoyed a remarkable life, full of love and playtime. Her tail never stopped wagging, but when it finally did, we knew we had to say our last goodbye. The biggest love in her life was our daughter Linda, she was her constant companion if at all possible. If she knew Linda was home she would complain loudly if she was separated from her. Shiane loved to eat bananas, peel and all if she could steal them from the counter! She also enjoyed swimming, but her absolute specialty was making snow angels. Rolling upside down in fresh snow with the biggest smile on her face always gave us a wonderful feeling. She never had an argument with anyone, loved all people and all critters, great and small. 

She was an expert Draft dog and helped her sisters Paschen and Chute to obtain their Brace Draft Dog Excellent titles, a first in Canada! She was the anchor dog that kept it all together for the other girls. 

We miss her deeply, the house is not the same without her presence. 


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