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Health is of the utmost importance!


As with many other breeds the most common health concerns are in regards to Hip Dysplasia, Elbow problems and cancer. 


Before breeding we actively search for information (male & female) to make sure that screening for various health concerns is  completed and  there are no serious concerns in the family history of the planned combination.


This information can be accessed through The Berner Garde Foundation.

All BMD's born or imported and registered in North America are voluntarily listed with this organization.

Breeders and owners are encouraged to regularly update all health related information so  that breeders can use this database to plan their breeding. 

We insist that all health information regarding our puppies is passed on to us so we can make informed decisions to better the health and longevity of our breed.

Even after all the time and money spend or research and certifications, problems can arise. We are 100% committed to our dogs and will gladly provide information and help at any time during your dog’s life.

Our Breeding Program:

We are a small breeder (1 or 2 litters a year) and are mainly interested in trying to maintain and improve quality.

​By carefully selecting a quality male for our girls, we hope to retain and improve the qualities we have. Temperament is extremely important, what good is it to have a gorgeous dog if no one can live with his behaviour??

The pups are raised in the house with proper socialization and proper veterinary care, vaccinations and health certificates are provided as well as CKC registration and a contract that outlines the breeders and the new owner’s responsibilities.

We require  by contract:

  1. For the pups to remain intact until mature ( over 24 months, NOT before OFA certification)  to allow for proper bone formation and overall development. 

  2. For the pups to be fed a raw holistic Canine appropriate diet.

  3. For the pups to receive Vaccination protocols per Dr Jean Dodds.

  4. For the pups to receive early socialization and  professional training assistance.

  5. For the pups to be Certified by OFA for Hip and Elbows between 24 and 28 months of age, additional health screening  such as for eyes and heart is encouraged

  6. For the pups to remain on Health insurance for a minimum or 2 years. 

  7. For the owner to sign a CKC binding Non Breeding contract 

  8. For the owner to sign a co-ownership where applicable ( show quality pups) 

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