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Because of their working background the BMD, with the right motivational approach, can be readily trained. They are versatile dogs which can do well in many of the dogsport activities.

Due to their guarding and herding background they are very attached to their families, are protective but not aggressive, and do not hunt nor do they tend to roam. All Berners can swim, but they are not born waterdogs like the Retriever.


BMD's are large dogs, females about 80/90 lbs. and males 90/120 lbs. There for they do not fit into every ones lifestyles and household.

BMD's "need" to be exercised at least 1 hour each day. for pups this time needs to be split up into 3 or 4 equal portions. They are active dogs and enjoy any type of activity with their owners (but they also make excellent couch patatoes!). A trained and working dog is a happy dog, which makes for a happy owner.

The minimum grooming requirements is at least one good thorough brushing and comb-through per week including ear cleaning and teeth brushing, with bi-weekly nail trims. Berners have an easy care for coat, which does not have a heavy doggy odor, and with proper feeding and maintenance, is easy to care for.

Our BMD's all have excellent temperaments and get along with adults, small children and pets alike. They are very social and have a natural fondness for young children.

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