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Because of their willingness to "work"  the  BMD, with the right motivational approach, can be readily trained. They are versatile dogs that can excel in many dog sport activities.

With a  guarding and herding heritage,  BMD's tend to be very attached to their families, are protective but not aggressive, and do not have an overly strong hunting instinct, nor do they tend to roam. Bernese can certainly swim, but they are not born waterdogs like the Retriever.


BMD's are large dogs, females about 80/95 lbs. and males 90/140 lbs. Due to their size and abundant coat which sheds out at least twice a year, they do not fit into everyone's lifestyles and household.

BMD's enjoy exercise and activities but they can also be excellent couch potatoes and super snugglers from time to time!  A  well-exercised and trained dog is a happy dog, which makes for a happy owner.

The minimum grooming requirement is at least one good thorough brushing and comb-through per week, and when they are shedding out, this increases to every other day which happens usually twice a year for about 10 to 14 days. Grooming should include ear cleaning and teeth brushing, with bi-weekly nail trims.


Bernese MD has relatively easy care for coat, which does not have a heavy doggy odor, and with proper feeding and maintenance will only need occasional professional grooming services. 

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